Saturday, February 5, 2011

Preparation is Key

Before we start getting creative with our food, it is important that you are PREPARED to make delicious food and have fun while your doing it. 

Tip 1: Create a motivating atmosphere
Get rid of all the clutter and garbage you have lying around your kitchen counters. Also, turn your kitchen into a place that makes you smile when you walk into it. This is important because how you feel in the space will influence what you cook and eat. This doesn't mean forking out a ton of money to have a catalogue kitchen. I live in student housing with a kitchen the size of a dressing room- but I added some lights, bought some cheap colorful dishtowels and taped up some pictures. 

Tip 2: Have fun!
Do not treat cooking like it is a chore. According to Stats Canada the average male/female spends 0.9 hours in the kitchen while preparing meals. That’s an average of 324 hours a year- so make your time in the kitchen enjoyable.  Make a cooking playlist on your IPod ( if you dance while you cook its a bonus- burning calories), buy a fun apron and let your creative side free.

Tip 3: It's all about spice
A spice rack will change your life. Everyone’s taste buds are different- so get to know yours. Adding a little bit of your favorite spices to a dish will make them unique and delicious. 

 Note: I plan on always keeping the KISS (keep it simple stupid) concept in mind while I cook- I don't want to use ingredients that you cannot pronounce or find in your local health food or grocery store. 

Now let's start cooking.. 

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